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13. | Sep 16, 2013
about the USPS being a bone headed inielxfble behemoth, but I dare say that you'll play heck getting a small package across the country for $5.15 any where else. If they go out, we'll all be damn sorry.
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tAJeix falinlbwmzao
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I get these all the time in my junk mail and always dtleeed. What is disturbing to me today is that I checked a bank account online and saw 4 transaction to usps click n ship. Today is May 5th and the date posted is May 7th. I'm panicking because now I cant call my bank,usps etc until Monday. I have itunes, amazon linked up to this card, wondering if I got skimmed or some waitress wrote my number down. Atleast I dont keep alot of money in the account.
17. | Apr 19, 2013
Re blocking these eliams: found a site called Dynamoo's Blog that lists IP addresses from which this phishing is being sent. I entered these in to find the geographic source. (Gardiner, Maine, USA) (Invalid domain name maybe shut down already)You'd think with all our wonderful technology, we could pick up the people sending these and make an example of them.
18. | Apr 19, 2013
that they were. No, indeed! Men of satture said that they were truths because they were truths! And they still are, and they will always be! If I may re-iterate, all men (humans, not just males!) are created equal created equal, not guaranteed to be equal after creation what happens then is up to the individual; and endowed by their Creator (here's a CLUE!) with certain unalienable (look it up!) rights; that among these are life (no murdering, even by a powerful tyrant!) liberty (not something to be expected under a MORE omniscient government, but under a LESS omniscient one) and the pursuit of happiness . Notice that there is no guarantee of happiness, but simply the right to PURSUE happiness.Now, to the question at hand. If these are unalienable rights, with which all mankind is endowed, who is it who has done the endowing?? Is this a question that can be even considered, not to mention answered, without regard to religious belief? How then can one propose to remove religion from American life? I submit that it cannot.The American system of a republic governed by the rule of law as summarized in the preamble to the document which constitutes the supreme law of the land, the set of ideas upon which the American Nation is founded, cannot be divorced from religion. It cannot.
19. | Apr 19, 2013
Dan,Thanks for your article. I read your posts futfhially and generally agree with your points. I agree with the general direction of this post, but want to provide some clarification on your portrayal of the US Postal Service (USPS).After a 19 year career with the USPS, and being married to a current USPS manager with 32 years of experience, I think I can shed a little light on the perception of little or no progress in 200 years.The USPS was restructured in 1971 to change from a federal department to a quasi-independent agency (Wikipedia). While this sounds like just a name change, it represented an amazing complication of a simple service by the federal bureaucracy.Congress mandated that the USPS was to break even or make a profit, though Congress had to approve all pricing and employment policies. Additionally, unionization was introduced, adding yet another impediment to some of the service enhancements you would expect.Again, this was a mandate from Congress, with a stifling result. Postal managers and leadership are primarily consumed with satisfying regulatory and organized labor requirements. While the pay and benefits are second to none, the work can be deeply unsatisfying.Believe me, there are many good people within the USPS that truly want to do much more than they're able, but are completely overwhelmed. Just imagine how the administration of government-run health care will turn out.