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User Comments:
1. | Jun 28, 2014
Good point about the comparisons with the other cheractars. Definitely, Azunyan would be seen as the Tsundere character even if she isn't really tsundere at all. This is just because she's closest to that archetype in he group, so it's what's expected of her . I think the expectations of the otaku fanbase take a couple archetypish characteristics and jump into appending a design, which is what I'm trying to say here. Like Azunyan, I don't think Kirino is really tsundere much at all.But yeah, sometimes I do come on the blog and lose the gentlemen courtesy in my writing when I'm writing in response to others. I know you've been more than vocal in telling me that's not a good thing, but now from some of the comments atleast you can physically see why I come off with that aggressive attitude in some posts. Just a result of constant argue with other bloggers.@Darkslime I'm aware that source took Kuroneko route. I'm just looking at the anime as a single unit. The anime ending is just one possibility. I'm actually pleasantly surprised we share the similar opinions on this.