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User Comments:
1. | Aug 26, 2014
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2. | Aug 4, 2014
KOElfU Thanks a lot for the post.Thanks Again. Cool.
3. | Jun 28, 2014
If it's not abig deal then why did you paint him as a flipflopper? It's a very big deal and you know it. Please Fred you know extcaly how to choose your words and your reasoning behind those choices. The primary is coming and you need something to sink your teeth into and start a-skewin
4. | Aug 28, 2013
The comments I heard were about the fact that each cdtniaade had a chance to present his or her views fairly due to the format and the audience got a lot more information that way. I have to disagree with the views of those supporting Cresitello since my impression was that Dougherty did more to give the answers requested and demonstrated his knowledge of the Master Plan and laws while the Mayor tried to take credit for other peoples projects on one hand aand then not take responsibility for any potential negatives. From the hospital lawsuit to the many redevelopment projects, the only thing accomplished in his 4 years was the solar farm in Hanover although Cryan claimed it was right here in Mrristown. Dougherty asked where all these future renters were coming from with the glut of apartments already there. Harris-King and Gsell and Vittola seemed to care about protecting existing tenants, business and homeowners where Cresitello and Cryan hammered on the future Morristown that appeared to exclude those who are here now and pay the taxes. At least the debate brought out the fact that we will have a big tax increase and its how high our taxes will go up and not if they will go up.
5. | Aug 20, 2013
What Fred failed to menoitn is that the ownership of these Cabarets overlapping is not quite accurate or fair either. Sona 13 is owned by Dave Gsell, Sue Gsell Walsh, Billy Walsh and Matt Wirths. The DarkHorse is owned by Sue Gsell Walsh, Billy Walsh and Matt Wirths and Tashmoo is owned by Sue Gsell Walsh. Coincidentally, Matt Wirths owns the convenience store where Dougherty campaign flyers were ilegally stuffed into the Daily Record over the weekend. The 2 arsonists arrested this weekend for setting fire to a Cresitello campaign sign are regulars at Sona 13 meet and greets and the video released over the weekend is the handy work of Dark Horse owners Gsell- Walsh, Walsh and Wirths. Morris Twp resident Kevin Gsell ironically appeared on the Morristown political scene after his families night clubs face large fines and closures for their 9 seriousABC violations and EPA charges for dumping raw sewage into the streets of Morristown rather than have the problem fixed correctly, which costs money. You don't have to be Columbo to figure out why a Twp. resident suddenly got passionate about Motown government. Based on Dougherty's ELEC reports these 3 night cubs are also Dougherty's biggest campaign financers with all 3 night clubs having each contributed the max of $2600. Sona 13 has also held so many free meet and greets that I heard people thought Dougherty worked there part time.This is such an obvious sham it's laughable. What is this 1970 s Chicago all of a sudden? Please use your heads people and know what your going to get from a mayor who has run his campaign out of a night club with the female Al Sharpton as a campaign manager. Motown will be in big trouble if these amatuer hour empty suits are voted into office.
6. | Aug 12, 2013
What can we expect from an empty suit who has sudneurrod himself with sleazy night club owners and a race baiting convicted felon for a campaign manager? These are trying times and we don't need people with no experience and this type of poor judgement running our town. Fred you shoud also know that Dougherty's son works for Sue Gsell Walsh and Billy Wash and Matt Wirths at the Dark Horse. This is the night club known for promoting underage drinking, fighting (including a number of violent botte attacks and slashings, including one on a woman!) and holding $20 all you can drink open bars . Is this where we want our mayor and council's interests to lie, who's pocket to be in? It's only a matter of time before someone dies at the hands of the Gsell Walsh, Walsh ans Wirths families. How will it look when are mayor is so intimately tied to these night cubs and how wi the council handle it when they are so in debt to these 3 families and night clubs? Scary thought
7. | Aug 1, 2013
it makes sense now why the Dougherty team is relying on aeebntse ballots and smear campaigns to try and steal this election anyone who saw them live tonight was cringing with embarassment for all of them. No wonder the Dougherty team was buying votes with free invite only meet and greets at Gsells families night club. Anyone who saw them tonight realized that this was nothing but a glorified jr. high school student council campaign on their part without the cup cakes Gsell was cearly lost and appeared not to know why he was even there he relied on his coached canned answer to every question of ill just ask everybody what they want to do? when he wasn't agreeing with Council President Cryans answers, who is supposed to be his opponent? You would think that this was Harris Kings first time not ony running for anything, but public speaking in general? It was shocking to see her act scared, avoid questions and read 2 prepared statements without even looking at the audience then there was Dougherty thank god they taught him to read before this debate he couldn't even grasp the questions that were served up to him by his wife scarmbling to have their supporters write them for him on note cards prior to the debate Dougherty and the 5 year od girl sitting in front of me were the only 2 in the room that didnt know that the federal law question served up to him was regarding immigration and 287g and that poor Gsell boy his response to what his green plan was i hope i dont see tall buildings when i'm jogging and turn a corner bahahaha i actually did feel bad for them thank goodeness the voters know better